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Redefine with Dr. Danielle

Professional - Dr. Danielle is whole-heartedly committed to offering world-class minimally-invasive skin-care procedures. To this end, she recently completed a fellowship in anti-aging medicine, a rigorous theoretical and practical training program in medical aspects of anti-aging, health and aesthetics. She also offers training programs to other physicians, sharing her knowledge and skills with newer doctors hoping to enter the field.


Personal - Offering her services from the comfort and privacy of her own home, Dr. Danielle invites you to experience advanced skin-care in a comfortable and relaxed environment at a fraction of the cost compared to other ‘boutique’ spas that invest more into the ‘look’ rather than training.


Philosophy – Beauty is a physical manifestation of health. If you are healthy, you will radiate your true beauty for the world to see! Dr. Danielle is committed to not only providing world-class minimally-invasive skin-care procedures, but also in connecting with her clients to share her passion. She will never ‘up-sell’ you to buy more product, she will never recommend an unnecessary procedure ‘to make  rent.’ Instead,  she  will  work you to achieve your health and beauty goals!

Redefine with Dr. Danielle. Personal. Professional